Gabriel Knight 2000: Surviving the Third Millennium

NEWS Archive
November 14, 2004

The Gabriel Knight update for Windows has been released! See the Downloads section on the left!

November 19, 2004

The Gabriel Knight update is back online! There were a few problems with the previous release, be sure to check this new version out!

November 26, 2004

A new version of the GK Update has been released. Also a patch is available for those of you who already installed and started playing the game.

December 04, 2004

So long, Lycos. From now on, you will be watching your ads by yourselves! 8^P

The site moved on Very Special Thanks to Colin Snover, for providing this new location for the GK2000 project.

January 08, 2005

Happy new Year!

If you're reading this news message, please take some time of silence to honour the memory of the many victims of the Indian Ocean catastrophe.

Now, let's talk about news. There's a new installer available for "Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within" in the Downloads section. Make sure to give it a try - it also allows you to burn the game on a DVD disc.

February 23, 2005

I know this has been said long enough. But a new version of the GK installer is available in the Downloads section down there (yes, the site has also changed its cheap "'90 Internet page" look).

Problems occurring with earlier GK CD versions are now fixed, and a few more bugs ate their last supper. Also a general restyling has been made to the installer and a configuration tool has been added for those of you who would not like to play the game full-screen or who are having problems with the game's midi configuration.

Stay connected as more news are to come very soon.

May 07, 2005

After months of playtesting, I can finally announce that the German version (hi Germans!) of the Gabriel Knight 2 HD/DVD installer is out for good! But wait there's more! Probably not that interesting for you Germans after all, but you Italians will surely like the Italian version of the GK2 installer. Yep, they're twins in some way. :)
Now English peoples are starting to feel alone in all this. Months since an upgrade and no news for us, too? Ok ok, here's a new version of said installer for the English version of the game! Not much different from the previous first release, but... with added support for Compact Installation (450 MB), plus now supporting the PC Gamer's GK2 DVD's still rocking!!!
You'll probably notice a few changes in the page, too. A few more PHP, and a Links section. Ok, see ya in the next *months* then. (Not) : -)

May 14, 2005

Many users are contacting me by email asking to solve their problems with the installation of the games. Being tired of writing the same things over and over and over and over and.... did I say "over" already? :) I wrote a paragraph entitled "Technical Issues Guidelines", which is now at the bottom of this page. It will (hopefully) help you to solve your problems. With the games, of course.

June 13, 2006

There's nothing actually new on this site itself, but I have added two banners on top. They are from two interesting sites which I, Endroz, endorse (whoops :D). Make sure you take a look at them. Maybe you are not interested in knowing the truth about 9/11 hijacks, but since you're on this site, I'm sure that you *will* want to know what boils on the fire regarding Gabriel Knight 4!!

December 14, 2008

It's been a long time. Activision (or whatever owns Sierra now) is closing the official GK forums (not that we had any support on the games anyway). WE, the fans, will keep supporting the game, of course. That will be our new forum. Hope to see you all there. Have a nice Xmas!

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